About OCR Kit

We are a dedicated team of OCR fanatics who live and breathe the sport. When we’re not mud running, fence hurdling, cold-water conditioning, or swinging from monkey bars we are scouring the world for the very best Obstacle Course racing kit and equipment to share with the OCR community.

We, Stuart and James, got into Obstacle Course Racing in 2013, and were both instantly hooked. If you’re yet to run an OCR event, be warned – it’s addictive!

One of the biggest challenges we faced when doing our first OCR race was finding the right kit for the event, and spent a lot of time researching products, speaking to experienced runners and reading articles from established OCR athletes.

Obstacle Course Racing is no longer a niche activity, with a pleathora of events throughout the country including the hugely popular Tough Mudder introducing it the the masses, OCR is widely considered one of the UK’s fastest growing sports. So the number of people facing the same challenges as we faced is now huge.

Why we do it

OCR Kit was born as a specialist provider of clothing, nutrition and technical equipment for the modern OCR runner that’s been researched, tried and tested. We only stock products that we use or would be happy to use, and that will give you an advantage in either tackling your first OCR event or mastering the art of staying on your feet, keeping warm, keeping dry, withstanding barbed wire / rubble / rockfaces, and lasting more than just one event.

OCR can be brutal, not just on you but on your gear. We’ve runied plenty of equipment over the years, but we’ve discovered some Gems along the way too – Icebug shoes were a game changer for us, as was the range of Kymira compression gear (which until you’ve tried it it’s very hard to comprehend – the easiest way to describe it is it’s literally magic fabric).

So hopefully now we have a place for both new and experienced OCR runners to get the latest, most suitable and most advanced OCR kit, enabling you all to sustain a healthy Obstacle Course Racing addiction.

The future…

Thanks for reading, now stop procrastinating – if you’ve got time to read this then you’ve got time for that training run!

Happy OCR’ing!

Stuart, James and the OCR Kit team

We‘ve scoured the market for the best, most suitable OCR products (so you don’t have to!)

OCR Specialists

We’ve scoured the market for the best, most suitable OCR products (so you don’t have to!)


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